What I’ve learnt from 100 marriage ceremonies

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I’ve learnt so much from the first 100 couples whose marriage ceremonies I’ve been privileged to conduct. Each one has taught me something. I am extremely grateful to the couples and families I have met along way. Fortunately none of these have included a ‘Bridezilla’ or  ‘Groomzilla’.  The couples I’ve married have all been delightful. I’d love to list 100 things I’ve learnt from you, but you’d need a nap before you finished reading. So I’ve reflected on the top 10 things:

  1. Love is the strongest emotion.
  2. Marriage is a commitment.
  3. On every wedding day, the couple’s intention is for the marriage to last.
  4. Family is important.
  5. The ritual of the marriage ceremony is a cultural tradition.
  6. A sprinkling of humour goes a long way in any situation.
  7. People want to be happy for you.
  8. Every marriage ceremony is special.
  9. If people have a special job to do they rise to the occasion.
  10. Saying thank you and acknowledging people is always appreciated.

So, following point number 10, thank you to all the lovely couples who have included me in their very special day.  You’ve taught me heaps and I’ve loved working with you.

Andrew and Lyli with flower girl, my 100th marriage ceremony.