What‘s Involved in the Wedding Ceremony?


  • Choosing a celebrant. Most celebrants offer obligation free meetings to help you pick the person who will be right for you.
  • Completing the Notice of Intended Marriage Form (NOIM) at least one month before the proposed marriage date.
  • Providing the correct proof of place and date of birth with a birth certificate or passport, providing photo ID like a drivers licence and providing evidence of the end of previous marriages. These documents enable the NOIM to be completed.
  • Having a discussion about the implications of marriage and relationship education is a mandatory part of the marriage process because it aims to ‘future proof’ your marriage. You will be given a brochure entitled ‘Happily Ever Before and After’.
  • Planning and designing the words of the ceremony. I personalise your ceremony and can make suggestions about structure, your story, poetry, readings, music and symbols.
  • Choosing poetry, readings and music.
  • Signing a declaration by which says there is no impediment or reason why you are not able to marry.
  • Having a wedding ceremony rehearsal.

During the Ceremony

  • Each ceremony must include particular words in the vows to be used by each partner. Most couples like to add their own personal vows.
  • As the celebrant, I must introduce myself, state that I am authorised to conduct marriages and read the legal definition of marriage. With marriage equality this definition will change to be inclusive of all couples.
  • Two people must witness the ceremony and their names are recorded on the marriage certificates.
  • The couple, the witnesses and the celebrant must all sign the three certificates.
  • Apart from these formalities, the ceremony can be tailored to your wishes – format, words, symbols, processional, thanks, music, readings, poetry, the involvement of friends and relations etc.
  • A simple inexpensive ceremony can be arranged in my home if desired.
  • I have a PA system which ensures the ceremony is clearly heard and I am happy for your music to be played through my PA system if needed.

After the Ceremony

  • I submit all the paperwork to Births Deaths and Marriages of the state or territory in which the wedding took place in order to register the marriage.
  • If you wish to apply to the relevant Births Deaths and Marriages for a registered marriage certificate or commemorative certificate (in the case of NSW), I can help you with this.

“…we are so grateful to you for performing the ceremony for us, and being part of what made the day go so smoothly! I had this wonderful sensation, during the ceremony, of Nick and myself being the only two people there. It felt very intimate and lovely, so thank you for that too. :)”



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