Is it safe to start planning my wedding again?

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After months of altered wedding plans, people are wondering if it is safe to start making wedding plans again. Let’s be optimistic. While it is impossible to predict the future, my top tips are:


1 Keep up to date with health regulations for your state or territory so you know how many people you may have and what social distancing rules you have to follow. These rules may change quickly as we open up more, or have to go back into localised lock downs.


2 Book the wedding services of celebrant, venue and photographer first. Ask each if they are flexible with date changes if isolation or lock down rules change.


3 If you’ve had a tiny, 5 person marriage ceremony during Covid-19, consider a renewal of vows, anniversary or celebration of marriage ceremony in the future. People will want to celebrate¬† with you.


4 Factor in guests. Are they in a high risk category? Do they come from interstate? Can you use a mixture of some guests being with you and others attending by Zoom or other remote coverage?


5 Contact your celebrant to discuss the best options for you.


Large or small, your wedding day will be one of the most memorable of your lives. Best of luck.

Caroline and Joe, photo courtesy of Matthew Teague