Surprise Weddings

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Surprise Weddings

Weddings can be secret from friends and family but you can’t surprise your partner with an unexpected wedding.Both of you need to have signed the Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before the marriage ceremony.

Sarah and Emma recently decided to┬áinvite loved ones to Emma’s 40th birthday party. They then proceeded to surprise everyone by getting married after waiting many years to be able to do so. Not everyone was surprised but certainly everyone was thrilled and delighted. It was great to be part of this lovely occasion.


If you are considering a surprise wedding,

  • Work out how you are going to get everyone there in time. Some people are always late.
  • Decide who is going to be in on the secret. They will help you pull off the marriage ceremony.
  • Think about the people like parents, who would love to know in advance, so they can dress up for this very special occasion.
  • Have a celebration as well – party, BBQ, dinner. People will want to be part of this for you.
  • Plan the ceremony for before everyone has had too much to drink … people always get louder and you want your special words to be heard!
  • get your celebrant to mingle as one of the guests.

Have fun!