Symbols for a Persian ceremony

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I just conducted a beautiful, small ceremony for A and P. They chose to combine a civil ceremony with elements and symbols from a traditional Persian Ceremony. I just loved it.  I even heard one guest say, ‘We should do some of this in our Greek ceremonies!”

A number of items are spread out on a silk cloth. The sugar cones are to rub together and sprinkle over the couple through a silk canopy. All the guests join in, thereby bringing sweetness to the couples lives.

While the ceremony is happening guests sew stitches in the silk canopy as a humorous way of  representing the tongues of the in-laws being stitched up and not interfering too much.

The mirror and the candles represent the bright future for the couple

The fruit and decorated eggs and nuts depict life, new life and health, The gold coins promote prosperity.

The specially baked bread is decorated with saffron calligraphy reading “Mobaarak Baad”, meaning “be it happy and blessed”. This symbolizes prosperity for the couple’s life.

A prayer rug and Quran is placed in the center of the spread to remind the couple of the importance of prayer and reflection both in time of happiness and hardship.

At the conclusion of the ceremony the couple each dipped a finger in honey and fed it to the other – a beautiful  finish even if potentially sticky for signing documents!

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