Did you know …? Observations from a Marriage Celebrant?

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Below are some observations I’ve made as a celebrant at the weddings I’ve conducted over the past few years.

  • Not all weddings are like those you see on TV shows or movies with large bridal parties, huge numbers of guests, lavish dresses, fireworks and trimmings. Around 50 % are smaller and simpler. Couples may be getting married a second time, they may be here on student visas or they may be wanting a wedding quickly for work or legal reasons.
  • The weather for outdoor weddings in Australia is usually beautiful, particularly if you pick the kindest months and dress accordingly. However it’s not the heat, rain or cold that has the biggest impact, it’s the wind. It plays havoc with beautiful hair, dresses, sound systems and paperwork.
  • Plan B is essential.
  • I always carry extra tissues They are needed by both brides and grooms.
  • There are always tears from someone.
  • Something funny always happens.
  • People in Australia cannot be married at a ‘Surprise Wedding’ or on first meeting on a TV show. They will not have been able to lodge their Notice of Intended Marriage one month before the wedding. The wedding can however, be a surprise for the guests, which is a lot of fun.
  • Guests crack up laughing (in a good natured way) when the Celebrant pronounces the couple to be husband and wife, and the bride’s beautiful lipstick is transferred to the groom’s face.
  • Children in wedding ceremonies are trustworthy and reliable even when they’re only two or three. They really want to live up to their responsibilities, they have a great sense of occasion and they love their special new clothes. Kids don’t drop rings!
  • Weddings can be held anytime – mornings, afternoons, dawn, midnight.
  • A rehearsal is not always necessary. It may be necessary for the most surprising things though – pinning a flower ‘button hole’ to a suit, tying a tie, walking in high heels….. and of course at the reception…..making a speech. 20131012_193256-1