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Marry Me! A Guide for couples planning their marriage ceremony’, Susanna Jose







I’m thrilled to announce that my little ‘how to’ book has been published after 18 months of preparation.

Marry Me! was written for three compelling reasons. The first reason was in response to the frequently heard comment, ‘We don’t do this every day and we have no idea where to start.’

The second reason was my feeling that there is so much on line and elsewhere about all the ‘wedding trimmings’ and not so much about the ceremony which actually joins people together in marriage. The ceremony itself deserved attention.

Thirdly, Marriage Equality passed into law in Australia in 2017 and yet there is still a lot of stereotypical material around which refers only to brides and grooms.  I wanted to make sure Marry Me! was inclusive of, and useful for, all couples.

The book is available as a paperback by clicking one of the following links:

– if  buying from outside Australia,


On Amazon here:


0r the publisher

The MoshShop here:


Alternatively it’s available as an e book… Note the codes for freebies for a limited time.

On Smashwords at:


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On Amazon UK at:


To read the ebook for free,  the following discount coupon to download the epub version (for iPad and Android) from Smashwords for free is: NS42U. This coupon expires Expiry 31/3/2020. It is not case-sensitive and needs to be used at the checkout.


Enjoy. I would welcome reviews, thoughts and comments.