10 Tips For Staging a Great Event

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I’ve just returned from my sister’s 60th birthday party. She held it in her own beautiful garden where her daughter was married eighteen months ago. Both events were fantastic. I was the celebrant at the wedding and a helper at the 60th and I really learnt heaps at both events about how to make the occasions memorable. Thank you Christobel!

  1. Work out what you want. This is so obvious, but easily overlooked. That way you won’t be trying to please everyone else and you have the best starting point for planning.
  2. Delegate. People love to help. Give them a job before, during and /or after the big day. It makes them feel included and frees you up.
  3. Plan your menus for both food and drinks. This applies at a reception venue, restaurant or in the back yard.
  4. If your event is at home, hire crockery, cutlery and glassware or source it from second hand shops rather than use plastic plates. Use white sheets for table cloths.
  5. Decorate – flowers, branches and greenery, draped materials, fairy lights, candles and lanterns, photos, balloons, streamers, costumes, retro items – the sky’s the limit! Check out Pinterest for ideas.
  6. Talk with the neighbours about traffic and parking. Then there won’t be any issues later on. If it is a birthday, invite them along.
  7. Music – either live or recorded is a must, but make sure people can still hear to have a conversation!
  8. Organise help for the cleaning up the next day!
  9. This is a biggy! Say thank you. Acknowledge everyone – for being there, for helping, for supporting you etc. Thank people for gifts afterwards.
  10. ENJOY YOURSELF! You need to relax and let others run the event once it starts, so that you can talk to people and remember the special moments!