‘Unplugged Weddings’

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‘Unplugged’ means no photographs or electronic devices during the ceremony (apart from those used by the professional photographer). I’ve performed a couple of weddings now, where the bride and groom have made a specific request for people not to take photos during their ceremony. They want people to concentrate on what’s happening rather than looking at screens. Couples often ask guests not to upload any photos from the wedding to Facebook, Instagram etc. until they have had a chance to do this themselves.

At the other end of the scale, the bride and groom will sometimes have their Instagram address on display for guests, to upload photos immediately.

The choice is entirely yours. I am very happy to make a friendly request to guests before the arrival of the bride, so everyone knows your wishes.

Kirsten and Simon recently had their ‘unplugged’ wedding at one of the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens. See the garden photos below … without the bride and groom…..of course!