Since the start of the pandemic couples have asked, ‘Can I have a remote marriage ceremony?’ The answer in Australia is definitely ‘NO’.

Partners may be stranded overseas, visas may not have come through, there may be state border closures or Covid lockdowns. Remote marriages cannot take place in Australia.

Some U.S companies claim to offer a U.S. wedding via Zoom anywhere in the world. However, in Australia legal marriages must have the couple, the celebrant and the two witnesses present together. The two witnesses must be able to speak and understand English.

What can we do remotely?
•  Submit a signed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage form to your celebrant.
• Meet with your celebrant to plan your marriage ceremony by Zoom.
• Scan and email your identity and divorce documents to the celebrant. Remember to show the
originals before the ceremony.
• Have a Zoom commitment ceremony. You would be in separate locations, participate at the
same time but remotely from each other. You would be committing your love and support
and possibly be committing to marriage at a later time.


For answers to questions about legal marriages in Australia, always ask a celebrant listed on the website of the Australian Attorney General’s Department.